Hear, hear it’s been a year!

365 days ago, I started the first day of something that I had worked and planned towards for a decade and it felt great. I also have to add that, if I’m completely honest, it was terrifying. A year later, I can now say it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’m so grateful for the excellent clients that I’ve had the opportunity to work with and for the work we’ve been able to accomplish together.

I started 137 North, not only as a way to generate an income and enjoy the kind of work/life balance I’ve longed for, but as a way to better integrate my faith and work. I believe we all get to the point where we’re left asking ourselves about the value of our work. Are we building something that will last? Does our work matter?



As a graphic artist, how could I serve both my clients and a greater purpose? A business owner wants to convince a consumer to perform a particular action and the role of the designer is to create a clear call to action that will lead the consumer towards that purpose. This is good and necessary for the life and growth of a business. But how is that goal accomplished? Is it accomplished through smoke and mirrors, does it appeal to a desire for power and dominance, or does it dehumanize? Is it accomplished through a counterfeit beauty that preys on our desire for perfection? These appeals are incompatible with my faith.

I believe the best work appeals to the great God-given potential of humanity. I want to create beautiful work that communicates the true and the good…to illuminate those things in the work that I do. Everything I create (whether it’s through photography, video, a book, brochure, website) is an opportunity to deliver an experience and a glimpse of the underlying values and beliefs of a business or organization. When those glimpses work together, it has the power to resonate and create connection.

These are ultimate goals and I make no claim that I’m there yet. I strive towards those goals and I work to serve my clients with the kind of attention, care, and dedication that I’d hope to receive myself. It’s such a joy to get to do the kind of work that makes each day an adventure. Onward!

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