Family Trust

Aerial Photography, Brand Identity, Print

Family Trust is a federal credit union with a rich Rock Hill history. Founded in 1957 in the stockroom of the Rock Hill Printing and Finishing Co., Family Trust was created to offer employees low-interest loans, budgeting advice, and incentives to save. More than 60 years later, Family Trust is a growing and thriving member-owned organization serving York County. With plans to expand into the region, Family Trust came to 137 North with a desire to refresh their brand while keeping their core identity intact. We came up with a fresh, clean take on their previous branding with a focus on clear communication and a reliance on storytelling through text and photos as a way to connect with their customer base.


Identity guidelines for internal and 3rd party use.

Family Trust Identity Guidelines Booklet


The redesigned tri-fold brochure for prospective members.

Benefits of Belonging trifold brochure


An aerial image of Family Trust’s downtown Rock Hill branch.

Family Trust's Downtown Rock Hill branch