Pierce’s Project

Photography, Video

Pierce’s Project is a non-profit fund, managed by Novant Healthcare Foundation which serves families of micropreemies and chronically ill infants at all stages of their journey—before, during and after NICU stays. They needed a way to communicate their story and the story of so many other micropreemie parents each year; a way to shine a light in the darkness and give hope to parents facing terrible odds in the fight for the lives of their children.

137 North worked closely with Lindsay, the founder of Pierce’s Project, to create a video that captured the essence of what the parents of micropreemies face and what life with a child like Pierce is like–days full of his boundless enthusiasm, his love, and his unstoppable spirit as he faces and surmounts challenge after challenge.

Each year more than 250 micro preemies are born in Charlotte. It is our hope that each and every one of their families will find support in Pierce’s Project.